Lugny Église Saint-Quentin

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Église Saint-Quentin Lugny

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Église Saint-Quentin is located in Lugny, a small village with 125 inhabitants about 9 km south-west of Vervins in the Département Aisne in the région Hauts-de-France.

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Lugny Église Saint-Quentin
Church from the west

Visiting Église Saint-Quentin

Saint-Quentin in Lugny is located directly on the RN2 between Vervins and Marle. Its most striking element is undoubtedly the high, square bell tower with its buttresses, built entirely of brick and pierced by embrasures in the upper storey. It has a peculiarity that you will only notice if you know it: it is the only tower in the department of Aisne decorated with blind arcades.

The choir and the short nave of the building probably date from the 15th century. The tower was possibly added in a second phase of construction, as was the unusual semi-transverse nave in the middle of the church.

There are some motifs in glazed bricks above the door.

Unfortunately, the church always seems to be locked (even though the Tourisme Thiérache page says to try the church door: it might be open); in this respect, we cannot report anything about the interior.

Lugny is one of the three villages in the Thiérache where a Frankish cemetery was discovered in 1883.

In addition, there is also a historical washhouse in the village – only about 100 metres from the church – that is worth seeing.

Church from the south