About me

My name is Bernd, I was born in the “Summer of ’69” and I live in Germany. As I have a degree in economics, without any architectural training or religious connotation, it came as a complete surprise to me that I have developed such a strong interest in medieval churches over the years.
As mentioned on the home page, my first project was a website about the round tower churches of Europe. Having “fallen in love” with my first such church at Hales St Margaret in Norfolk/England, the interest grew over the years and I tried to visit this particular type of church in as many countries as possible.
Whilst searching the internet, I happened to come across the Wikipedia entry on Thiérache fortified churches (many of which have at least one round tower), which of course immediately sparked my interest in these particular churches. As the region is not as far away from us as East Anglia, I managed – with the help of my wife Miriam – to visit and photograph all the churches within a year.
Unfortunately, not all the churches were open, so we will gradually try to visit them from the inside by arrangement. At the moment, however, all the churches can be found on the website with corresponding descriptions and information.

My wife