Nouvion-et-Catillon Église Saint-Rémy

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Église Saint-Rémy Nouvion-et-Catillon

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Church Information

Église Saint-Rémy is located in Nouvion-et-Catillon, a village with 483 inhabitants in the Département Aisne in the région Hauts-de-France.

The church is locked

This church was listed as a historical monument in 1927

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Nouvion-et-Catillon Église Saint-Rémy
Church from the north

Visiting Église Saint-Rémy

The most interesting thing about Saint-Rémy in Nouvion-et-Catillon is undoubtedly the white stone bell tower, which was originally built as such in the 14th century and finally fortified in the 16th century. The beautiful lancet windows, which indicate the year of construction, were later partially bricked up, but are still clearly recognisable.

Nothing remains of the original 11th century church. The tower is one of the most beautiful of the fortified churches in Thiérache. The corners were reinforced with buttresses, on which four defence towers rest, and a round tower with vertical embrasures was added to the north side, which contains a staircase leading to the tower’s escape room

Unfortunately, this church, like the others in the neighbourhood, is locked and there is no sign of a key.

Nouvion-et-Catillon Église Saint-Rémy
Church from south-east