Cuiry-lès-Iviers Église Saint-Martin

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Église Saint-Martin Cuiry-lès-Iviers

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Église Saint-Martin is located in Cuiry-lès-Iviers, a small village with 27 inhabitants about 12 km north-east of Montcornet in the Département Aisne in the région Hauts-de-France.

The church is locked

This church was listed as a historical monument in 1987

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Cuiry-lès-Iviers Église Saint-Martin
Church from the east

Visiting Église Saint-Martin

Saint-Martin in the village of Cuiry-lès-Iviers (incidentally the smallest village in the Thiérache de l’Aisne with less than 30 inhabitants) is a church like no other. One of the last fortified churches in the region, it was built entirely in brick in 1690 and 1691. These two dates can be seen in glazed bricks on the exterior walls. And it was built largely as we still see it today.

The chancel is higher than the nave and has a shallow head end flanked by two cylindrical towers. On the walls, more patterns of glazed bricks.

To the left of the nave door is a third tower, slightly larger than the other two and topped by an unusual Flemish-inspired bell tower. The door is protected by embrasures bordered with white stones.

Judging by some other small embrasures under the roof, there is an escape room above the choir.

Unfortunately, the church is locked and there is no information on how to obtain a key, which makes it a truly impregnable fortress.

Church from south-west