Remies Église Saint-Brice

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Église Saint-Brice Remies

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Église Saint-Brice is located in Remies, a small village with 238 inhabitants in the Département Aisne in the région Hauts-de-France.

The church is locked

Remies Église Saint-Brice
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Visiting Église Saint-Brice

Similar to the neighbouring church of Monceau-lès-Leups, Saint-Brice in Remies also has an unusual appearance. The massive bell tower keep is located halfway between the nave and choir. There is also a jumble of styles, materials and forms that bears witness to a wealth of restorations.

The 13th century bell tower is made of sandstone, a material that was widely used in the region at the time. The oldest remains of the original tower can be seen in the lower part of the choir and one of the arms of the transept.

The nave and transept date from the 15th century, the apse from the 16th century.

As the date “1886” inscribed on the south side of the bell tower shows, it was restored at this time using bricks and white stone. At the same time, the façade was rebuilt in the Gothic style.

The main fortification element is the cylindrical tower attached to the bell tower, inside which a staircase leads to an escape room.

Unfortunately, this church – like most others in the neighbourhood – is also locked and there is no information on where to obtain a key.

Remies Église Saint-Brice