Havys Église Saint-Gorgery

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Église Saint-Gorgery d'Havys

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Église Saint-Gorgery is located in Havys, part of the commune Flaignes-Havys with 104 inhabitants in the Département Ardennes in the region Grand Est.

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Tower from the north

Visiting Église Saint-Gorgery

The church of Saint-Gorgery in Havys was open during our visit, as was its sister church in Flaignes. The old church on the site was destroyed in 1643 by the imperial troops after their defeat at Rocroi and then rebuilt.

It is simplicity in stone: a large rectangle, a small bell tower and a beautiful round tower at the north-west corner next to the entrance. This has also been renewed, as can be seen clearly in the upper part, because it is too modern compared to the rest of the church. It is perforated in the lower part by some embrasures, and one can look into it from the inside, because the door is open.

The nave and choir are two separate parts of the church, as can be easily seen from the different types of construction and the window arches.

An old cornice with modillions runs around the apse.

Entrance with tower