Antheny Église Saint-Remi

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Église Saint-Remi Antheny

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Église Saint-Remi is located in  Antheny, a small village with 100  inhabitants in the Département Ardennes in the region Grand Est.

The entrance portal is open, access to the nave is closed

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Tower from south-west

Visiting Église Saint-Remi

A first church in Antheny was built in 1198 in the Romanesque style. Today, you can still see the remains of the beautiful white arcades in the north wall of the “modern” church of Saint-Rémy, which are now bricked up. Also bricked up are two windows of the 13th century medieval bell tower, which probably served defensive purposes.

The village of Antheny was completely devastated by the Spanish in 1638 and 1653. Saint-Rémy was finally rebuilt in 1689 using the remaining elements.

You can still see some loopholes in the walls, and even some of the houses in the old village still have defensive elements such as loopholes or brattices.

The main entrance of the church is open, so that one can enter the entrance portal with its vaulted ceiling; unfortunately, the entrance into the nave is blocked with a grille. But at least you can have a look inside the church.

Tower form north-west