Froidestrées Église Saint-Michel

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Église Saint-Michel Froidestrées

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Church Information

Église Saint-Michel is located in Froidestrées, a small village with 177 inhabitants about 4 km south of La Capelle in the Département Aisne in the région Hauts-de-France.

A key is available locally (see link below)

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Froidestrées Église Saint-Michel
Church from south-west

Visiting Église Saint-Michel

The small and inconspicuous church of Saint-Michel of Froidestrées is now on Route Nationale 2, making it the only one, apart from the church of Fontaine-les-Vervins, that was on the old “normal” route of the invaders, namely the road to La Capelle.

To the right of the entrance door is a round tower with embrasures, on which the date of construction 1696 is noted. This makes Saint-Michel one of the last – if not the last – Thiérache church to be fortified. The tower is also the only sign of fortification.

Otherwise, there is little of note to report about this church.

The church is locked, but as the Thiérache tourism website correctly states, there is a key in the house directly opposite the church. But you don’t get it, because at first the lady who has the key is very unfriendly and suspicious about what you actually want in the church.

Well, after you have explained yourself, if you are lucky like me, she sends her husband to open the church for you. He was also surprisingly nice, if you can understand him. And the inside of the church is so unspectacular and uninteresting that you really can’t understand this mistrust.

Perhaps someone a little friendlier should be entrusted with the key.

Froidestrées Église Saint-Michel
View into the nave