Crupilly Église Saint-Michel

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Église Saint-Michel Crupilly

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Église Saint-Michel is located in Crupilly, a small village with 63 inhabitants about 12 km east of the commune of Guise in the Département Aisne in the région Hauts-de-France.

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Crupilly Église Saint-Michel
Church from the village road

Visiting Église Saint-Michel

Unfortunately, not much is known about this small and modest church, therefore this summary is rather short. It is kept locked, and no information about a key are displayed, so that the only trace of fortification cannot be seen.

It is a building in its plainest and simplest form: built entirely of bricks, rectangular floor plan, four walls and a bell tower. Although there are imposing counterforts on either side of the entrance, these were probably added later.

However, this church features a rarity in the Thiérache: a bretèche (probably built in the early 17th century) above the high entrance door: The defenders took refuge in the attic, which had been converted into an escape room. The attackers were then covered with stones through this hole in the floor after entering the church. In addition, there are also loopholes in this room, so this church can also clearly be classified as a fortified church.